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LimeWire Turbo 7.6

LimeWire Turbo is a p2p file sharing application with advanced functionalities
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Limewire Turbo 5.5 is an amazing peer to peer software for share files, in this new version the best part is the fast download, if you use the older versions, you can see this.
It is easy to use, you just install it, search and download, support multiple searches and downloads too, the interface is elegant and you can choose what languages use because the international version has many.
It has a window very easy to handle, and the results have a blocking garbage (junk) that delivering excellent results, have a keywords and hosts filters.
Add a new feature call: what’s new, if you want to search something new in the net and in the Options you can share itunes too.
You can share part of your files in the installation of the program it ask and scan all your disks searching for material to add in your share directory.
You can share all kind of files and supports the most common operative systems.
This program is recommended for all people that want to share and get files more fast than with other similar programs.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Fast download
  • Can share itunes too
  • You can share all kind of files and supports the most common operative systems
  • Filters for junk, keywords and hosts


  • Haven´t any disadvantages
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